This website is about reviewing Review Trust and how to tap into the power of social proof and take control on you online reputation.

With Review Trust you can collect costumer testimonials and get more trusted reviews on autopilot.
There’s nothing like Review Trust currently on the market.

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Internet Marketer, Brad Callen, came up with this vision and worked for years on this amazing piece of software and finally launching ”ReviewTrust”. His vision for ”Review Trust” is “an independent consumer protection organization designed to collect and display verified buyer reviews for product sellers”.

You are listening to the exclusive interview with Brad Callen, the Review Trust Founder.

Did you know that 80% of people change their buying decision after reading a bad review online?

You need your costumer’s testimonials to generate social proofs that leads to getting more costumers and increasing sales no matter what kind of business you are running. Any kind of business – online products and services or running a brick and motar business you need GOOD reputation.  Costumers reviews are everything and therefor the blood of your businessBut it is very time consuming to keep track of and follow up costumers for reviews, collect data and use them for marketing. With the cloud-based software Review Trust this is now possible to collect testimonials on autopilot!

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As business owner you benefit from the Review Trust System by:

  1. 1. Automate the tedius process of collecting customer product testimonials/reviews
  2. 2. Quickly and easily display testimonials/reviews on your website, blog, or store front
  3. 3. Increase visitor trust and make more sales

As consumers Review Trust garantees you:

  1. 1. Rest in knowing a product review is verified and real
  2. 2. Hear straight from verified buyers to know what they really think about a product
  3. 3. No more hearsay about a product from someone that doesn’t actually own it

Watch Video On How Review Trust Works

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Read,  write and share costumer reviews

The screen shot below shows your customer rating and reviewing after they purchased your product. Review Trust will automatically follow-up after 14 days (or a period of your choice) requesting the costumer to rate from the five star Amazon style rating and leave a testimonial about your product. You can collect both standard and incentivized reviews!


The testimonials are saved by the ReviewTrust system and placed into your champaign for approval.

It’s all about consumer reviews for trust

Place a simple piece of code on your website and voila, your customer testimonials will show up directly on your website, allowing you to harness the selling power of social proof. The reviews are displayed with appealing design and for flexible placement.

Costumers Five Stars Ratings Displaying On Your Facebook Fan Page



By signing up for Review Trust you become a member of a community of serious business owners who are dedicated to deliver reliable verified costumer experience for their products and services.
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Review Trust Review highly recommend Review Trust if you are seriously building a long lasting business. Get it today and start takling advantage of the selling power of social proof.

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